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In 1996, Mr Loizos Georgiou established Georgio's Biscuit Factory, trading as the House of Biscuits, with the aim of manufacturing fortified biscuits for the South African Government School feeding program, with a total staff contingent of only six employees. The biscuit was developed along the lines of the United Nations, high-energy biscuit. However we are also in a position to formulate a recipe to suit any specific requirements that our clients may have. This high-energy biscuit is currently being used extensively throughout the Eastern Cape in South Africa and is a flagship product in various governmental school feeding funds. The product has been an exemplary success in the local government’s strategy to increase the nutritional intake in scholars. We are proud to say that we have been the approved supplier for the Eastern Cape governmental school feeding funds for the past seventeen years. Other possible applications include school feeding programmes, feeding of flood relief victims, building up resistance of patients recovering from illness, general malnutrition and displaced communities.

It quickly became evident that there was a great opportunity to manufacture additional lines for sale to the general public. The process that saw the establishment of our popular House of Biscuits range was now put to motion.

The success of the House of Biscuits range and feedback from our clients confirmed the love of biscuits in the South African market. Requests for more high-end biscuits poured in and inspired the development of our flagship Da Vinci range. From the humble beginnings of only two lines in the Da Vinci range, we have expanded our portfolio to include fourteen lines in the Da Vinci range.

The expansion of our range also went hand in hand with the expansion of our footprint. Our products can now be found throughout South Africa, as well as in most of South Africa’s neighbouring countries and even as far away as the Seychelles. More excitingly for us, is the entry of our fortified biscuits into our neighbouring countries for army, school, distressed areas and prison feeding schemes.

Company growth has always been a priority for Mr Loizos Georgiou. Daily efforts to increase sales, fine tuning processes, sourcing equipment and exploring additional business opportunities have allowed for the expansion of the business to the current staff contingent of 97 employees. The main areas of growth have been expanding and the streamlining of our processes by means of additional equipment and staff, the expansion of our own brands and the development of custom biscuits according to the specifications of our clients.

Mr Loizos Georgiou established a culture of continuous improvement and development within the organisation, two aspects that will ensure that Georgio’s Biscuit Factory always stays innovative and up to date with the latest trends and developments in the market, the corner stone of the success of Georgio’s Biscuit Factory trading as The House of Biscuits.

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